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Conference Schedule

Friday Saturday Sunday

Friday evening

Political Challenges of 350 Bill McKibben (via video)
Elizabeth May


The Context Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu (host)
Ocean Acidification Sven Huseby (via video)
Ice Sheets Dick Peltier
Energy Challenges Kjel Oslund
Tar Sands Gordon Laxer
Land Use Chris Henschel (via video)
Scientific Credibility of Climate Deniers Jim Prall
The North John Streicker
First Nations Ronald Plain
Health Alan Abelsohn
Adaptation in Southern Canada Quentin Chiotti
The Options Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu
Politics and the Path Forward John Streicker
Transport Revolutions Anthony Perl
Active Transport Albert Koehl

Saturday evening, August 14, 2010 — Music Room

Dinner: Working Together Dan Dolderman (host)
The Role of NGOs Clare Demerse (via video)
Community-based Collaboration Mike Morrice
The Role of Ecumenical Groups in Policy Mardi Tindal

Sunday daytime, August 15, 2010 — Debates Room

Energy and Infrastructure Khlaire Parre (host)
Nuclear Power Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu
Energy Jose Etcheverry
Passive House Standard David Elfstrom
Engergy to Build New Infrastructure Greg Allen
The Eye of the Storm — Climate Change Response Policy in a Five Degree Future Ralph Torrie
Adaptation David Pearson
Controversial Measures Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu (host)
Carbon Capture and Storage Sarah Forbes (via video)
Biochar Lloyd Helferty
Biofuels Almuth Ernsting (via video)
Geoengineering Damon Matthews (via video)
Geoengineering Diana Bronson (via video)
Offsets Barbara Haya (via video)
The Big Picture Greg Allen